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We Provide a Reliable Services

Our goal is to provide efficient and reliable solutions for your transportation needs, while offering lanes with competitive rates and an assurance of financial accountability to our carrier’s. we understand that a strong relationship with our carriers and their drivers is critical in this industry. We provide a professional service that aims to accommodate both the shipper’s and the carrier’s transportation needs.,
LG Brokrage Services LLC is a full-service logistics company that is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality and value added logistics Solutions. We are committed to become the best in your books by providing the promise of every shipment being on time, every time!
Since the company was founded, LG Brokrage Services LLC has cultivated a strong management team. This commitment to leadership has guided the company for over three decades and made us one of the world’s most respected transportation logistics companies.

Our Mission

We offer premium dedicated freight shipping to and from any location Worldwide.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to on-time deliveries, customer service and a cost-savings solution.

Our Goodness

What Make Us Special